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Meet Brooke Forsythe


I’m a registered nurse of 17 years, and have made my life’s journey to help others. First, I had to take a long journey to help myself. I struggled with anxiety, depression, and perfectionism. In the last fourteen years, I have been on and off eighteen different medications. The amount of struggle it took to wean off the medications was a never-ending endeavor at the time. It was a process, a roller coaster rather. 

Then I met my counselor, and her positive mindset triggered me to not just get through life, but actually live it. It took me four years of talking the negative out of me, and to instill positive values and beliefs. I am here now to share and inform you that talking out loud about depression, fears, anxiety, and perfectionism is the only way out of the darkness. I became a wellness/mindset coach to help others find their path to positivity and to set goals you never thought possible. I help guide you through the dark, in order to find the light in experiences, past or present. 



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“Brooke quite literally changed my life. When I came to her for guidance, I was at one of the lowest places of my life and my nursing career. Because of her, I am not only more confident in my abilities, but I am decisive and holistic in my lifestyle approach. I am forever grateful for her coaching, inspiration, and care for me."

- Kyla Wilson

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